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Misdemeanor Charges

  • Range from traffic violations to some drug charges
  • Can be serious if court appearances are not made
  • Fines and even some jail time are possible

Misdemeanors are more serious than they sound, ranging from traffic violations, to drunken driving (DUI-BUI), to possession of marijuana. You can incur hefty fines, lose your driving or boating privileges, and in some cases, receive jail time. Even a seemingly harmless traffic ticket can lead to jail time if you fail to appear in court. Failure to take care of these charges could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you are arrested before the matter is resolved, you will most likely be fingerprinted, booked and jailed. These cases have a speedy trial time limit of 90 days, in which the client must be brought to trial. Just like the felony these cases are often extended to make sure that possible defenses for the cleint are fully addressed. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you want an attorney who knows the system, knows the prosecutors, knows the police, and knows the judges from the inside. You want an attorney who can quickly analyze your case, and the people involved, and give you the complete picture. You want an attorney who knows all the options, and knows how to get results.