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This question and answer section is provided as a representation of questions our law firm receives and may not be relevant to your specific case.  Please contact our office for future information.

Family Law Question Topics

Adoption Questions:

Can I adopt my stepchild?
       Yes. The adoption by a stepparent is possible, however it can be very difficult
       if the biological parent does not agree to it.

If my new spouse adopts my children, will we still receive support for the child?

      No. An adoption means that legally all ties are cut with the previous parent.


Prenuptial Agreements:

 Why would someone use a prenuptial agreement?

     A prenuptial agreement is used if one or both of the couple has considerable assets, debt, and/or children from a previous marriage that they

     want to protect in the event of a future divorce or death.

What types of things are covered in a prenuptial agreement?

     Prenupts can cover any property divisions, debts and spousal support (alimony), however it may not cover custody or child support issues.

If I have children from a previous marriage should I have a prenuptial agreement if I marry again?

     That is definitely something to think about because you may want to protect their financial interests in the event of your death.


Child Custody, Visitation & Support


Can I get full custody of my children?

     The court will not provide full custody unless there is an extreme situation. In most cases a shared parenting schedule is set up with both

     parents sharing in the raising of the child.

How is child support set up?

     Child support is based on the parents’ income level. Florida has a child support guideline worksheet that is used to determine the

     appropriate amount and division between parents as well as any other necessary expenses.

Can I go back to court to change my parenting schedule or child support?

     Yes. Parenting schedules can be changed through agreement by parents or taking the matter before the court. The party must have valid

      justification for a change, and this is not easy to prove. Child support is normally only changed if there is an increase or decrease over 15% of         a party’s income, or some major change in the child’s needs.

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