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We have Attorneys in Tallahassee and Ft Walton Beach to assist with your family law and criminal law needs.  Family law includes divorce, child support, child visitation, paternity and more while criminal law covers arrests for misdemeanor charges, drug charges, felonies, violation of probation and more.

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Drug Charges

  • Amount does matter
  • Drug convictions can affect student loans, driver's license, etc.
  • Property used during these crimes can be seized In the event that you have been arrested on drug charges in Florida.

These charges may include possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, cocaine or crack cocaine, heroin, possession with intent to sell/distribute, drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a controlled substance by fraud, doctor shopping and a multitude of combinations of these charges. Obviously,the higher the amount of any drug found in your possession, the more serious the criminal charge will be. Consequences of Drug Convictions include inability to qualify for Student Loans, Loss of Driving License, and seizure of Personal Property. All drug crimes can have serious consequences. For example, many young people who are students do not realize that they may no longer qualify for federal student loans after being charged with a misdemeanor drug offense. Even if adjudication is withheld, they may be barred from receiving student loans to continue their education. More serious drug charges on the felony level can result in loss of your driving license and even seizure of your vehicle or personal property. At Arrowood Law Firm, we look for evidence of illegal search and seizure and possible mistaken identity.